Wednesday 5 November 2014

Camborne Guides train at Azook, Pool

A great day of training at Azook, Pool. Azook is a community interest company (not-for-profit) that specialises in creating archives of sound, photography and film.  Eight Guides from the 7th Camborne group came along during half term to learn how to make digital recordings that will be used in our project, Heart of Conflict.

The aim? To capture precious memories from World War One. Now they know how to create and edit digital recordings, Guides will interview older people in the Camborne/Redruth area and gather their stories.
It was great to have the chance to meet Radio Cornwall veteran broadcaster Ted Gundry.

Ted gave tips on how to interview and crucially how to put people at their ease - very important if you want to get 'the story'.

Everyone practised interviewing each other under the supervision of Azook's co-founder Tim Robins.

Lunch was at nearby McDonalds - a treat for all - it was half term, after all!

Refreshed, everyone moved on to the next stage after a group photograph. Time to start interviewing and recording for real.

There is amazing free software now that can be used for editing.

The Guides used this to polish up their recordings.

It was a great day. Everyone concerned enjoyed it hugely.
Very many thanks to the Guides and their leaders Karin Saunders and Sue Norfolk, as well as to Azook for organising and hosting the training.
Next steps: practising, perhaps, on our mobile phones. But then ... real interviews as we collect objects and stories for our exhibition opening in Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, in February.
This is the recorder we were using.

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