Friday 30 October 2015

Setting up exhibition in Redruth this afternoon

Great to have some help unpacking Heart of Conflict for its one day show tomorrow. A huge thank you to Mike Williams for all his help.... in organising this and rounding up help.

Thursday 29 October 2015

Poppy Day at Paddington

Fantastic atmosphere at Paddington Station this morning as soldiers and other members of the armed forces collect for London Poppy Day.

Thursday 22 October 2015

'Dad is by the galvanise house'

Fabulous postcard from the collection of Paddy Bradley, Redruth. It's sent by a mother to her son in Canada - and it's a photo of Recruiting Day in Redruth in 1914.
'Dad is by the galvanise house...' she writes.
How it eventually made its way back to Redruth is a mystery.  Part of our Heart of Conflict project.

West Briton reports our Remembrance Day events

Great to read coverage in the West Briton today of our Remembrance Day events.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Working through Paddy Bradley's photo collection

In Redruth this afternoon looking through the amazing photo collection amassed over the years by Paddy Bradley, a Redruth man through and through. He even played rugby for the Reds in his time.
Paddy helped with our Heart of Conflict exhibition at the Cornish Studies Library, Redruth, earlier this year and has many photos of Redruth Wesleyan Chapel Young Men's Bible Class.
No fewer than 150 young men signed up for the class after the start of World War One and we have copies of some of the letters they wrote back to the Chapel. These will go on display at our two 'pop up' exhibitions in Camborne and Redruth to mark Remembrance Day this year. This is part of Heart of Conflict, our work marking the centenary of World War One in Cornwall.

Monday 19 October 2015

Spreading the word about our Remembrance Day events

A very big thank you to Dom Whitting, vicar of Crowan, who has mentioned our evening at Penponds on 6 November at 7pm in his pew sheet this week. Despite Facebook, Twitter and viral marketing, lots of people still look forward to reading the news on paper! Crowan also has a very successful parish Chronicle.

Saturday 17 October 2015

Planning Penponds evening event

Penponds Church near Camborne dates from the 1850s
Making plans last night at Penponds Church, near Camborne, for our FREE evening on 6 November looking at the names on the war memorial there. Here congregation member Ruth Beretta and local historian Carol Richards discuss what's on the agenda.
Carol, and Craig Carey-Clinch, church warden, will present their research and local collector Valerie Grigg will display her large collection of World War One memorabilia.
The war memorial at Penponds, unusually, is in the church porch (rather than outside). It has the names of several students at Camborne School of Mines who died in the conflict, as well as those of local men.
The evening starts at 7pm. It's part of our project Heart of Conflict, looking at the centenary of World War One in Cornwall.

Funds for the memorial were raised by Canon James Sim Carah, vicar at the time

Ruth Beretta and Carol Richards
The war memorial is unusual as it is in the porch

Friday 16 October 2015

Redruth Chapel to host pop-up exhibition

Great to meet Mike Williams at Redruth Chapel this morning to make plans for our 'pop up' Heart of Conflict exhibition there on Saturday 31 October from 10am to 4pm. This is the first time we've done something like this i.e. stage a show from scratch for a day, and make it something of a social event.
So it's a privilege to be able to use this wonderful building to mark Remembrance Day this year.
We will be displaying some of the letters written back to the Chapel by men who died in World War One - whose names figure on the memorial plaque by the pulpit.  It will be particularly poignant to do this in the place that they worshipped before leaving for the Front.

Mike Williams showing me the space

Just some of the names on the plaque. Most, thankfully, returned

Monday 12 October 2015

Come and hear stories of our local heroes

Cecil Calvert's heroism in Deeds that Thrilled The Empire

A reminder - if you're in the area - don’t miss a fascinating free event at Penponds Church on Friday 6 November, starting at 7pm.

Local historians Craig-Carey Clinch and Carol Richards will be talking about their research into names on the World War One memorial there. This is an unusual monument as it is in the church porch, and has the names of men attending Camborne School of Mines as well as those living in the village and surrounding areas at the time.

One of the School of Mines students was Cecil Calvert who was recommended for a medal for his incredible bravery in digging out a trapped man from a tunnel with his bare hands to avoid being heard by the German troops above. Tragically he died in another fearless rescue attempt before receiving the award.

There will also be a chance to examine World War One artefacts relating to local heroes, collected as part of our Heart of Conflict project looking at the history of World War One in the Camborne/Redruth area.

Refreshments will be on offer and afterwards a chance to chat further with everyone involved.

For more information, please email To learn more about Heart of Conflict, visit

Saturday 3 October 2015

Researching our November event

A bit more research at Cornwall Records Office. On Friday 6 November at 7pm at Penponds Church, near Camborne, we'll be taking a close look at the World War One memorial in the church. Craig-Carey Clinch and Carol Richards, who live locally, have done some in-depth research into the names on it.
Funds for this splendid memorial were raised by Canon James Sims Carah, vicar at the church for many years.
We're pulling together as much information about him as we can.
Notes from a visit by his Bishop (Bishop Gott) in the late 1890s are particularly interesting - and how intriguing is this blotting paper just inside the cover. It makes everything more 'real' - you can imagine the Bishop at work with pen and ink.

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