Tuesday 16 June 2015

Pretty Village - an update on the film by Kemal Pervanic

Good to have an update from Kemal Pervanic, long standing friend of Bridging Arts, on his brilliant film Pretty Village. This film has been a huge undertaking but things are moving forward, as Kemal explains. We'll keep posting up news....

Pretty Village was screened several times in the States in late March and early April. It was a huge success. These screenings led to much needed conversations across the country.
It was also screened at several smaller film festivals. The last screening was at Bosnia-Herzegovina Film festival in New York where it was voted by the jury as the best documentary.

A member of the jury described it as 'an exquisite film'.

Currently we are waiting to learn if it will be selected for the forthcoming Sarajevo Film Festival and few others. Applying to different film festivals has been a steep learning curve. For an independent film like ours it has not been easy to compete with big budget films, but that makes every screening all the more exciting.

Monday 1 June 2015

Supporting a good charity

Out on Saturday on Clapham Common, London,  supporting a good charity - Cancer Research UK and its 5km Race for Life. Excellently organised - seamless fundraising - hats off!

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