Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lucinda Chambers fashion trail at the National Portrait Gallery

Mary English - portrait by William Armfield Hobday
Picked up a leaflet by chance at the National Portrait gallery - Lucinda Chambers, fashion editor at Vogue, has chosen paintings that particularly inspire her to create a 'Height of Fashion' trail. What a great idea. Click here to find out more. 

"I often find myself turning towards the National Portrait Gallery always in the knowledge that I will discover something new to me, that will both stimulate and inspire," she says. "As a fashion editor, I think people expect me to be pretty obsessed with clothes, but, I would say that for me they are a small part of what engages me, they are a piece of the puzzle. I’m far more interested in the pictures: pictures of how men and women are portrayed; how the world sees them and how they see themselves. "

We're continuing to do work on needlework and embroidery - if not fashion (but who knows what may come next). Katrina Williams will be running our next embroidery session at the Masbro Centre, Hammersmith, in October.

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