Monday, 19 January 2015

Visit to County Records Office yields good feedback

Evaluation forms sometimes seem a bit of chore - filling them out is bad enough - not to mention collating the results!
But it was great to receive some very positive feedback from the Heart of Conflict visit last week to the County Records office , Truro.
- I loved finding out about different attitudes through the years. Thank you very much
- I learned lots about how old documents are stored and how things were recorded during WW1
- Such a rich source of local history on the doorstep
- I had a great time. I would be so grateful if I could come again.

The highlight of the afternoon?
- Learning what different records are stored here and how old they are
- The tour of the archive
- Seeing live documents
- The books and the memorabilia
- Letters from the Front
- Hearing more information about my local area and knowing that everything is so well preserved
- Seeing the interest of the Guides aroused
- Visit to the archives great - and seeing the old book of St Meriadoc - wonderful

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