Monday, 13 October 2014

Camborne Guide leaders spread word about WW1 project

Torrential rain this morning in Camborne, west Cornwall.
In Weatherspoons,  several people already have pints before them....
But the coffee is cheap and it's great to see Karin Saunders, Camborne Guide leader, and her colleague Sue Norfolk. They run the Camborne group against all odds, keeping things going despite funding difficulties, and creating an interesting programme. It's an important social activity for lots of those who attend.
Karin and Sue are full of enthusiasm and are helping to spread the word about Heart of Conflict.
A great way to start the week.
Weatherspoons, Camborne, on a drier day. This used to be the town market. A solid granite building dating from the days when Camborne was a wealthy industrial hub.

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