Wednesday, 15 October 2014

An appointment at the County Records Office

A day of meetings. Luckily the next is not far off - at the County Records Office, Truro.
David Thomas, who works there, is THE expert on local history in Camborne/Redruth. His time is currently even more circumscribed than usual. He is exceptionally busy - not only with his day job but also at Camborne Church during the interregnum there (Rev. Mike Firbank, genius behind the Street Pastor idea, has left).

David puts me in touch with Chloe Phillips, who works on educational and outreach activities at the Record Office. I hope we can arrange a visit for volunteers as part of Heart of Conflict.

I take the opportunity to look at Canon James Sims Carah's records of Penponds Church. Canon Carah also raised money for an impressive war memorial. We will visit this, too, as part of Heart of Conflict.