Friday, 17 October 2014

Praze Youth Club: spreading the word

Great to go to Praze Youth Club this evening in the Village Institute to talk about Heart of Conflict. (This building gets well used - I was there on Monday night to speak to the WI).

Such a brilliant group of local children who seemed so interested. I showed them the medal that has been loaned to us and told them the story of the man who died for it,  Frank Johns.  It's surprising in this centenary year to hear that schools haven't taught more about World War 1 - apparently it's hard to fit it into the secondary school curriculum.

And also so nice to see old friend and fellow Leedstown Guide (many decades ago!) Loveday Jenkin.
We started to make plans to take things forward. Researching Praze War Memorial on the plan will be a good starting point.

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