Thursday 9 March 2023

Mirabela at the Cornwall Equalities and Diversity Network

  So delighted that Mirabela Robatzchi - part of our team since before Covid - was able to attend the most recent meeting of the Cornwall Equalities and Diversity Network.  Mirabela has worked so hard on our project about migration and international workers in Cornwall  - I PACKED THIS MYSELF. So it was absolutely right that she should make the presentation. And it was a good one!

In summary:

I Packed This Myself/Migration - Mirabela

 Presentation of latest update from Bridging Arts as requested in previous meeting.

Mirabela Robatzchi (MR) works on project with Susan (Roberts).

 “I packed this myself” started as a discussion about migration

 More people on the move than ever and more than ever coming to Cornwall. Aim of

project to break down prejudice around those coming to live and work in Cornwall

and increase importance of role played by those born overseas who live and work


 Migrant workers previously came for things such as daffodil picking – now in

hospitality, care workers and range of other areas which need work force in Cornwall

 Suitcases – find out from migrant workers what they would take with them in their

suitcase that shows something about their heritage, choices etc. Slides shown which

revealed what people had packed.

 Art showing range of issues raised was presented. Exhibits have been used in school

and assemblies to discuss with children (y2 – y6). This was to try and explain this to

children who may comprehend better and relay information or findings to their own

families. Secondary schools not as successful.

 Used cards with basic phrases in English and Portuguese, Romanian etc. to aid


 Asked children what they would take if you had to make a long journey, to open the

discussion. Went very well with children interacting fully and designed their own

‘suitcases’ with what they would take. Also, how would it make you feel?

 Watched video on link. The Welcome Song video was taken at summer camp as

diverse group of children in attendance and Susan from Bridging Arts

 Project continues to run. Susan tried secondary schools

but not receptive. Would need to be part of a curriculum session rather than

assembly. Mirabela has a history in conflict resolution in adolescents and it would

assist in avoiding conflicts which arise from racism in Cornwall. This would then

support the fight against bullying in schools and also encourage children to be aware

of others and awareness of a need for equality.

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