Friday, 29 May 2015

Nilesh Mistry decorates rickshaw for charity campaign

Great to hear from artist and illustrator Nilesh Mistry, who won our competition for a British Sari in 2007. 

This coming week the Elephant Family charity is bringing out a fleet of 20 decorated rickshaws to raise awareness of its conservation work in India. They will be buzzing around the streets of London throughout June and early July. As usual, these creations will be auctioned off, hopefully to people with large estates where they can be used freely!

Nilesh, who created an extraordinary painted elephant for London's 'Elephant Parade' in 2010, has spent the past three weeks working on an amazing vehicle.

"It was wonderful creating an artwork that people can actually be a part of," he said. "For the upholstery the charity got the designer Matthew Williamson to donate some fabric he has designed for Osborne and Little. I think it works beautifully with my design colours."

There is an official photo shoot on Monday so hopefully there should be photos of all the rickshaws in next week's London papers. Fantastic work, Nilesh!

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