Thursday, 23 April 2015

Students' poetry gives inspiration

A busy day - to Helston and to Chiverton roundabout (Starbucks, not my favourite venue for a meeting but convenient to both parties.)

First to Helston to meet Martine Knight, a volunteer at Helston Museum, to pick up papers lent by Valerie Grigg on Bal Maidens. Valerie talked to staff and volunteers in Helston about her research last month.

Thence up the A30 on Chiverton Roundabout to meet a wonderful new volunteer Rose Taylor, who is keen to help with workshops. Rose, a former student at Redruth School, is in the process of researching and writing a children's novel, 'Just Like You', set in Redruth during WW1.

Rose will help to deliver writing workshops around Heart of Conflict. In particular we've been inspired by poetry written by students at Redruth School. We'll aim to focus the Heart of Conflict Education Pack around this.

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