Wednesday 19 February 2020

Snapshot of possible new immigration system here

Finally - an idea of what the immigration rules might be in post-Brexit Britain.
A shapshot here on BBC News. A mixed response from employers - not surprisingly.
This has yet to go through Parliament but if it does - these are the main features, according to the BBC ....

  • No visas for low-skilled workers - e.g. restaurant, care home and food processing plant staff.
  • Visitors - from EU or non-EU countries - will be able to come to the UK for six months without a visa, but won't be able to work
  • Overseas workers will have to speak English and have the offer of a skilled job with an "approved sponsor".
  • They'll also need to collect points elsewhere - with certain qualifications, for example - in order to clear the 70-point hurdle.
  • Some rules will be loosened to help those looking to recruit - for example, the scheme for seasonal workers in agriculture will be expanded. There will also no longer be an overall limit on the number of skilled workers allowed to come and the salary cap for them will be lowered.

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