Thursday, 22 December 2016


Cornish skateboarder Max Whetter – who flips burgers to finance his art – has won this year’s Whatever It Takes competition for a new skateboard design with a tower of burgers, buns and relish reflecting his life in the kitchen.

Max, 27, was born in Truro and now lives in Newquay. “The reason that my drawing is based on food is that living in a Cornish seaside town, half of my time is spent working in kitchens cooking burgers for tourists on holiday,” he says. “The other half is spent skateboarding. So a food-based deck design seemed appropriate to me.”

Max started to sell his drawings on the internet earlier this year to raise enough money to buy a new skateboard. He also entered the Whatever It Takes competition – getting a free trial of Photoshop from the internet and learning how to use it via Youtube videos. He is now developing his art at Cornwall College.

“We were so impressed by Max’s design,” said Susan Roberts, Director of the charity Bridging Arts which ran the competition with Roots Skate Shop in Camborne. “It was brilliantly executed and wittily tells the story of his life in Cornwall.”

The design has now been printed on to boards which are on display and for sale at Roots Skate Shop.

“This competition is really important because it gives artists a different way in which they can express their creations,” says Roots owner Tom Hudson. “Hopefully it will inspire kids in the future. I’m stoked to be able to display the boards here.”

The background....

Whatever It Takes – a competition for skateboard design - is run by Bridging Arts in partnership with Roots Skate Shop in Camborne.

It was launched in 2012 with the support of skateboarder Nick Jensen. An exhibition of the winning boards was held at Heartlands, Pool, near Camborne. A selection of boards by professional artists who contributed to the project is now on display at Roots Skate Shop.

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