Thursday, 25 August 2016

When a skate store is more than just a shop....

Many congratulations to Tom Hudson and Roots Skateshop in Camborne. Tom and his team - and all the many people who support Roots - celebrated the shop's fourth birthday yesterday. 

It's a great commercial success story and also a social success. I've never been in there when the shop is empty. There's always at least one person keen to talk to Tom - or hanging out with friends. It's much more than just a shop.  That's particularly important in a town like Camborne where there's not all that much else on offer (and I say that as someone born and brought up there).

Tom posted this up on Facebook:

"On this day 4 years ago the shop opened its doors for the first time.
The shop has changed a lot since then, there have been major ups and downs, but on the whole, Roots has been a great experience. I've got to meet skateboarders from all over, meet some truly great people and do the one thing I've always wanted to do.
Without the support of skateboarders in Cornwall, the shop wouldn't have lasted as long as it has. So I want to thank everyone who has put their hand in their... pocket and supported, not just the shop, but supported me!"

We're really pleased to be working with Tom on our competition for skateboard design: more on this soon.

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