Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Embroidery workshop in Hammersmith

Great to be back at the Masbro Centre in Hammersmith to do another embroidery workshop with Bridging Arts volunteer Katrina Williams with the Centre's Befriending Group (teaming up older people with volunteers who help with everyday tasks). This was a chance for people who either hadn't done embroidery for years - or who had never done any embroidery - to have a go.
Linus suggested this was a chance for 'creative contemplation'
The result: everyone made some kind of mark on calico with a stitch. And everyone had a story to tell.
Linus, who goes regularly to the group, said it was a chance for 'creative meditation'. We thought that was a good way of describing it.
The workshop was part of our Stitch project - exploring the power of needlework and embroidery.
Manik, who was the first to finish his rose and nightingale design

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