Sunday, 1 March 2015

Comments from visitors to the Heart of Conflict exhibition in Redruth

board Exhibition Open
  • 'Fascinating, and deeply moving, exhibition - so many brave men, so many lost'
  • 'Very interesting and moving. Wonderful to read real stories of those who lived through the war. Poems are wonderful and a credit to all.'
  • 'What a great piece of work and clearly a joint labour of love. thank you.'
  • 'So many interesting stories on our doorstep.'
  • 'Thank you for asking Camborne Guides to be part of this show.'
  • 'Memories of 100 years ago, which have been carefully saved to that we can better understand how it felt to be in Cornwall in WW1. I hadn't realised how people were starving and the dangerous work that was done here in Cornwall. As for the Redruth School poems - how could the children know how soldiers felt? Wonderful imagination and feeling.'
  • 'An excellent exhibition... a tribute to the heroes of WW1.'
  • 'A very moving exhibition. The personal stories really brought it to life. Excellent research!'
  • 'So nice to see young children getting involved. Very moving, especially the poems. Well done to you all.'
  • 'Excellent exhibition. Very important we don't forget.'
  • 'Moving stories and artefacts. Especially liked the audio records. Well done to all involved, especially the young people!'
  • 'An incredible insight in to the lives of all groups involved in WW1. Very well done.'
  • 'Wonderful to learn more about my ancestors.'
  • 'The poems of the Redruth School pupils were amazing. Very moving.'
  • 'A bit of my family history - good to share with others. Excellent work by everyone, including Camborne Guides.'

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