Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Skirt: project with the Roma Support Group

The Roma Support Group is based in Newham
Exciting to be starting a project with the Roma Support Group looking at the long skirts worn by many Roma women.
We're at the initial brainstorming stage at the moment. The aim of the project will be to increase understanding and break down prejudice.
As with other projects that we've done around dress and  fabric -  issues of identity and cultural heritage will take centre stage.
“The origin of the word ‘cloth’ probably comes from the root ‘kil-‘, to stick or cling to, which makes cloth ‘that which clings to the body or that which is pressed or ‘felted together’. The idea of cloth as a second skin is thus intrinsic to its meaning.” Soft Logics and Material Worlds (2009), Pennina Barnett

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