Monday, 2 September 2013

What's in the pipeline

A blog to throw a spotlight what's happening at Bridging Arts.
We've got the website, of course, as an archive of what we've done. And we'll still write separate blogs linked with individual projects, as they're useful ways of reporting on how things are progressing.

But there are many random connections that are so interesting.
Daffodil pickers from eastern Europe playing football at night in Camborne, Cornwall
For anyone who has come across this blog via the labyrinths of the internet - and incredibly might not have heard of Bridging Arts.... we try and tackle difficult issues in society through art, design and photography. The aim is to bring together people, communities and organisations that might otherwise never meet to engage in a project that creates something of value and stimulates debate.

We try and make a difference through action and arts-related activities.

We've worked with 
- Claire Arymar, community worker at Park an Tansys, Camborne, apprentices at Cornwall Community Action Network, leading UK skateboarder Nick Jensen in Whatever It Takes
- socially isolated migrant workers in Cornwall in I Packed This Myself
- groups of Muslim women in London in Stitch
- British Asian communities across the country in The British Sari Story
- organisations in Bosnia and the UK working in the aftermath of the genocide at Srebrenica
 - refugee artist Pero Mandic.

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