Wednesday 17 May 2017

Making subtitles better

Huge thanks to our volunteer Katrina Williams who attended the European Federation of Hard of Hearing People's annual conference in London earlier this month.
Katrina told me about a range of work being done around the conference theme: 'Staying connected, informed and empowered' - ranging from Apple's work on making iPhones accessible to work on subtitling programmes at the BBC, and elsewhere.
On this subject, the Centre for Translation Studies at University College London (UCL) is running a study on the quality of subtitles  - and is seeking participants who are prepared to complete a 90-minute testing session watching subtitled videos and answering questions related to them.  The Centre will provide £25 payment as compensation for your time.
If you'd like to participate - email Dr Agnieszka Szarkowska  -
More on this initiative on

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