Thursday 19 March 2015

Gathering info at Penponds Church

At Penponds Church  on an early spring evening.
Talked to churchwarden Philip Gilbert and Craig Carey-Clinch, who has done extensive research on the war memorial there. (We featured this at the Heart of Conflict exhibition at the Cornish Studies Library, Redruth.)
We hope to organise an event to showcase this research at the church in May to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Valerie Grigg presents research to Helston museum group

Great to visit my oldest school friend, Martine Knight, and the Helston Museum World War One group, which is working on plans for a 'Women in War' exhibition later this year.
Our own Valerie Grigg, who lent so much to Heart of Conflict and has a wonderful collection of objects and memorabilia, came to talk about her research on women during World War One. Her grandmother worked as a 'bal maiden' (female mine employee) through those years.
Valerie kindly left her research as a starting point for the Helston team.

Monday 16 March 2015

Meetings in Cornwall this week - next steps in Heart of Conflict

We have various meetings planned this week in west Cornwall as part of our Heart of Conflict project.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Valerie Grigg, who lent a selection of objects to the exhibition, will be talking to volunteers at Helston Museum, which is planning work on women in World War One.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Richard Lander School students visit Cornish Studies Library

Another Heart of Conflict visit today: students from Richard Lander School visited the Cornish Studies Library, Redruth, to see resources available there and and to learn how to view newspaper archives on microfiche.
A huge thank you to Kim Cooper, who runs the library, for helping to organise the visit.
Sally Wright from Richard Lander School, who accompanied the students, wrote:
"The students really enjoyed it and now have a focus for their next film – The War Effort Back Home, having spent their time looking at old West Briton newspapers which they found fascinating!
Kim offered them other things to do as well, but the microfilm newspapers really were the stars of the show."

Sunday 1 March 2015

Comments from visitors to the Heart of Conflict exhibition in Redruth

board Exhibition Open
  • 'Fascinating, and deeply moving, exhibition - so many brave men, so many lost'
  • 'Very interesting and moving. Wonderful to read real stories of those who lived through the war. Poems are wonderful and a credit to all.'
  • 'What a great piece of work and clearly a joint labour of love. thank you.'
  • 'So many interesting stories on our doorstep.'
  • 'Thank you for asking Camborne Guides to be part of this show.'
  • 'Memories of 100 years ago, which have been carefully saved to that we can better understand how it felt to be in Cornwall in WW1. I hadn't realised how people were starving and the dangerous work that was done here in Cornwall. As for the Redruth School poems - how could the children know how soldiers felt? Wonderful imagination and feeling.'
  • 'An excellent exhibition... a tribute to the heroes of WW1.'
  • 'A very moving exhibition. The personal stories really brought it to life. Excellent research!'
  • 'So nice to see young children getting involved. Very moving, especially the poems. Well done to you all.'
  • 'Excellent exhibition. Very important we don't forget.'
  • 'Moving stories and artefacts. Especially liked the audio records. Well done to all involved, especially the young people!'
  • 'An incredible insight in to the lives of all groups involved in WW1. Very well done.'
  • 'Wonderful to learn more about my ancestors.'
  • 'The poems of the Redruth School pupils were amazing. Very moving.'
  • 'A bit of my family history - good to share with others. Excellent work by everyone, including Camborne Guides.'

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