Saturday, 26 April 2014

Memories of the Future

Good to hear from Nela Milic, who worked with Bridging Arts on Srebrenica Now (in 2005 - marking the 10th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica).
She's speaking at a conference over the Bank Holiday weekend at Chelsea College of Arts: Memories of the Future ...

The background:
"In the aftermath of Middle East revolutions and the current protests against capitalism around the world, I have been reminiscing about the Serbian uprising in ‘96/’97, which was an attempt to overthrow the dictatorship of President Milosevic after he annulled elections because of the victory of the opposition party. Ashamed by the unsuccessful outcome of their protest, the people of the capital Belgrade, have never produced an archive of photos, banners and graffiti which emerged during these demonstrations. Scarce information on the Internet and the inability of the media to publish the data gathered during the protest has left the public without the full account of the uprising. My project is that archive – an online portal of images, leaflets, badges, flags, vouchers, cartoons, crochets, poems etc, a digital record of the protest available to participants, scholars and the public."

Nela Milic is an artist and academic.  "As a practitioner, I delivered projects for John Lewis, Oxo Tower, Light Gallery, NFTS, Miramax, Film and Music Entertainment, Film Four, Raindance, LIFT, LFF. Currently, I am teaching an MA in participatory arts and BA modules at Media and Performing Arts School. More about my research can be found in the book 'Audiovisual Media and Identity in Southeastern Europe', edited by E. Pistrick, N. Scaldaferri & G. Schwörer (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011)."

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