Monday 28 April 2014

Media archive records Cornwall's stories and history

One of the most interesting aspects of our  Heart of Conflict project is the range of media that we are uncovering and that we might work with.

We're keen to build on this and create audio recordings of our own, preserving people's stories and histories on an online archive. With this in mind, I met Tim Robins who runs Azook based in Pool (near Redruth), supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Azook archives video, audio and picture records to create an online resource called 'Cornish Memory Archives' The project lasts for three years and is half way through. 

Each item is documented online by a team of volunteers and then added to a map of the county.

This makes it easy to explore the unique traditions and heritage of every village. It is also possible, and I'd like to look at this in more depth, to see how and when ideas spread from area to area. As more and more material is put online, it will be fascinating to see how news of the First World War spread from region to region.

Tim showed me some of the remarkable material they are working with. Perhaps the most striking thing for me was to see old photographs of the airbase at Mullion during WW1 with air ships floating along the Cornish coastline.

Azook loans out equipment and gives free training. I'm really excited about working with them on Heart of Conflict